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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  May 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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finalized until next week. >> the sooner we get out there the sooner we get out of the case. brianne: paul wiedefeld referring to his repair plan to overhaul the metro system. the question is now where will the single tracking and the long-term shutdown happen first? >> we have a revised plan to reflect it. brianne: wiedefeld is altering the plan after the f.t.a. sent the letter to the transit authority demanding that metro prioritize work in three sections of the track. between potomac avenue and east of stadium armory. ballston to east falls church and medical center to van ness. this is as the board members question wiedefeld's decision to not consult the f.t.a. before unveiling the plan last week. >> the chain of directives and the letters back and forth between wmata and the f.t.a. i believe to get broken. we nee
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f.t.a. is getting everything they need well in advance and they are given privilegedded status. brianne: in response, wiedefeld says he is sometimes impatient and felt urgency to get the plan moving. >> when i sat there at the hearing the other day and i heard through the litany of the decade here, it's reinforced to me i have to go. brianne: days later he outlined the plan. one of the items in question happens in august on the blue, orange and silver line. when will it take place? that is finalized by metro. a person working on this, the new chief safety officer. he will weigh in. we will have more on him coming up tonight at 6:00. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. leon: thank you. look back now at another story on the rails. it was one year ago today that an am track train
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in -- amtrak train derailed at philadelphia. the train was traveling at 106 miles per hour, more than twice the speed limit for the region. patrick murphy, the acting secretary of the navy was on the train when the crash happened. he said his army instincts kicked in and helped him survive. >> was going home with my wife and two kids, tell them i love them. leon: one of the many survivor stories. train engineer told investigator that he remembered switching it forward to pick up speed and then brake when he felt the train going too fast in the curve but said he did not remember what happened in between. next week, the national transportation safety board will be issuing a report on the derailment cause. alison: eulalio tordil is not due back in court until next month for killing three people in three different shootings last week. but today, friends and family gathered in gaithe
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malcolm winffel's wife delivered his eulogy. and it was full of members of her husband. >> he died doing what he loved to do. reporter: a line of loved ones followed a hearse on foot to the final resting place for malcolm winffel, known to most as "mike." last friday, winffel was grabbing lunch at the montgomery mall with a coworker when he was shot and killed while trying to stop a carjacking. winffel had planned see a movie with his brother that evening. >> i found it strange he hadn't called me yet. i popped in my head but i was busy at work. i was like hey, he hasn't called me. that is strange. he was already gone. reporter: today, winffel's wife gave the eulogy. inside the parish they joined in 1992. she highlighted his sense of
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pillar of strength. >> great guy. >> nathaniel bird now retired worked with win at local military base. >> i heard the news and i was devastated. i was compelled to come here. i wouldn't miss it. >> nor would 300 others who already miss the loving father, husband and the self-described prankster. >> you haven't talked to your brothers or sisters or anybody, give them a hug. give them a hug. there are a lot of people you are not talking to. you never know. you may not see them again. >> in gaithersburg, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: visitation for claudia molina will be held monday in rockville. she was killed at giant in aspen hill. her funeral will be tuesday. the family of gladys tordil the
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estranged wife is trying to bury her in her native philippines. but right now no services are scheduled. leon: following a developing story out of alabama where police arrested a man accused of killing his girlfriend and wounding four of her children. one with a life-threatening injury. it happenedded last night in birmingham. police say the suspect was found sleeping in car covered with clothing near the scene. he claims he is the father of the children. four other kids in house at the time of the shooting. they were not hurt. alison: breaking news right now where law enforcement in tennessee say that 9-year-old carly trent has been found. this is just breaking now. earlier an amber alert was issued after she was abducted more than a week ago. allegedly by her uncle. 57-year-old gary simpson. one person was taken into custody. no word yet if it is simpson or where the girl was found. but again the breaking news is that she has
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leon: good news there. new developments in the fight over the affordable care act. the federal judge today cited with house republicans who are challenging part of the law's funding. at stake $175 billion the government is using to reimburse health insurer for payments for low-income families. the judge agreed with the house lawyers that congress never appropriated that money. but she put the ruling on hold to pend the appeal by the obama administration. on the hill, house sub committee wrapped up a hearing on the d.c. budget autonomy. witnesses testified under the intent of the home rule act and potential impact of ruling upholding the 2013 budget autonomy act. mayor muriel bowser vowed to not submit a budget to congress and is arguing that the city can spend local tax dollars the way it wants to. paul ryan and others are saying that d.c. does not have that authority. alison: all eyes were on d.c. in vote 2016 today. that is because donald trump came
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house speaker paul ryan. scott thuman reports after the meeting the fireworks started online. tell us about it. scott: to some degree, alison, a moment we want to take a snapshot. with the hours after the meeting the house speaker paul ryan tweeted out a photo of himself with school children on the hill. the kamas, "my most important meeting of the day." >> i was encouraged with what i heard from donald trump today. i do believe that we are planting the speeds to get ourselves unified. scott: but he stopped short of endorsing the republican front-runner his bid for the white house. >> you don't put it together in 45 minutes. scott: that seems to be the biggest problem for the republicans right now. especially with deep divide over the policy and the campaign style at the end of a contentious primary season. >> he gets it about being presidential an
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that is how he acts toward me. in private. he has to be donald trump. that is what got him here. scott: after his meeting with speaker ryan he met with the g.o.p. house and senate leaders and then visited the law firm downtown. in the last few hours, facebook post by trump's long-time butler is getting a lot of attention. in a post about current president barack obama. they wrote, "this character i refer to as zero should been v been taken out by our military and shot as an enemy agent. in his first term." the controversy continuing to follow donald trump and on the trail here. alison: wow! leon: no word on whether or not trump has reaction to this? scott: i haven't seen anything but we'll follow this ancillary stuff. everything going on around donald trump.
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anything on that. change moods here a little bit. we have funny moment today when "washington post" columnist dana millbank literally ate his words from the campaign trail. he promised last year he would eat his column if trump won the republican race. mill bank had to make good on his promise today. the paper made to nine-course meal by the chef of a local restaurant del campo. chef giving international flair to the column. dana making the best of it. washing it down with the trump wine which he told us it's the worst part of the meal. alison: pepto-bismol on the table. >> he was literally eating the newspaper prepared multiple ways. can't go down well. leon: i have eaten chef victor's food and it is pre
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good. makes the best of it. alison: we will see you soon. leon: thank you, scott. alison: talk about the weather. it looks like we might have a chance to stop the streak today. >> that is right. believe it or not. leon: we haven't had anything falling from the sky. that means the streak would stand at 15 days. no rain at reagan so far. alison: right. doug hill in the weather center. what do you think? doug: there is a chance. not a large chance. we have plenty of rain all day long west of the metro area. showers are coming closer to washington, they encounter a cool, damp stable air. pretty much it quashes out the chance of developing. you can see charlottesville. heavy downpours. thunderstorms earlier today. it will pass south of washington. it will stand at hundred of an inch of rain. i doubt it. we have a better chance of the rain moving in here tomorrow. rain chances continue to increase through the lat
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thunderstorms. it looks better heading through the afternoon. leon? leon: all right. you got it. check back with you in a bit. coming up, in the meantime on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- the moment that brought gasps from the gallery as the second trial began in freddie gray's death. alison: later, paying to, pa. how much more change you will need to feed local meters. >> a huge crowd for completion of the police unity tour. in a moment why some say this year's event was bigger than those in th
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alison: "7 on your side" on your side tonight to help you ask the attorney. right now in the abc7 help center we have a panel set up of experts focused on civil rights law, equal employment opportunity, immigrant rights and disability rights. you can call in and speak with one of them. the number is 703-236-9220. the phone lines will be open until 6:30. leon: pope francis says he is willing to create a commission to study whether women can become deacons in the catholic church. they are ordained ministers who can perform many of the same functions as the priest but they can't celebrate mass. currently married men who are excluded from
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catholic priesthood can become deacons but women cannot. historically women served as deacons in the serve days of the church. ja take a look at this large crowd at the law enforcement memorial in d.c. today. to welcome members of this year's police unity tour. stephen tschida was there. stephen: there is a lot of people here. they have come from across the country to remember the fallen officers and also to honor those still out there on the front line every day. >> the completion of memrance, gratitude and tribute. the police unity tour
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both active and retired. they pedaled hundreds of miles at time through drizzle and rain to remember those officers killed in the line of duty. >> we ride for those who died. stephen: conclusion of a trek from the seaboard draws a crowd of speculators as well and among them families to the fallen officers such as noah leotta, the montgomery county police officer killed by a drunk driver in december. >> it's healing. this is a brotherhood. this is healing to be together. >> some people come every year and they believe it's larger than those in thepa because of the negative coverage and the stories of police officers in the past
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they believe they are doing a good job. >> fortunately they pick one day so far we haven't had any rain coming down. alison: exactly. doug: we probably will not but if i say it publicly we will. that is the way it works. tomorrow we have more than that. a time lapse from churchill high school in potomac. it's been cloudy all day long. no surprise as we are locked in a wedge of cool damp air. across the midatlantic area. if you go two, two and a half hours to the northeast you are breaking into sunshine. that is the reason. the high pressure is anchored over new england to keep them sunny but pinwheeling the moisture over the atlantic atlac ocean over the top of your house. it's mid-60's. luray is
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i don't know if your set shows elkens, west virginia. 80 in the sunshine there. warmer air getting closer. check out at douglas airport in charlotte. 87 in the sunshine. high pressure north pulling the moisture off the atlantic. low level to get to blue ridge and the appalachians. something stronger will push it out of the way tomorrow. cold front. scattered showers and the thunderstorms are a possibility with the front coming through the area. live doppler shows good shower activity to the north east of charlottesville. it will be a question how much it can make its way to fredericksburg before fizzling out. i don't think it will move in our direction. a if showers at winchester in the process of fizzling out. what is going to change? the frontal system. the week at the glance with a cold front. the first one tomorrow morning with the breezy
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warmer temperatures. lower 70's. showers are possible. 11:30 in the morning. mid-afternoon it will be nice. partly sunny, breezy and warm. starting off saturday for the same way. a stronger front moving through will bring us more storms. then gusty winds and cooler temperatures. upper 70's tomorrow. lower 70's on saturday. lower 60's on sunday. the red bulls are in down versus d.c. united tomorrow everything. you can see the game here live at 7:00 on abc7. looks ideal weather wise. in the next seven days the big rain chances tomorrow and saturday. sunday looks better. we will get more showers. looks how it turns cooler for the day on saturday. saturday, police week 5k downtown. at 9:00 a.m. the weathe
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the temperatures starting around 60 degrees for that time of the morning. sunday, we will talk about the taste of arlington in boston noon to 6:00. it looks great as well with plenty of sunshine. but cool weather. you will need a jacket or so as you head out in boston to enjoy the abtivity. -- activity. sooner or later we will be in a summary pattern. mark my words, as my mother would tell you, it will not be that long before somebody will start complaining that it's too hot. just wait. alison: okay so. that better to mark your words than eat them. doug: yeah. alison: he had wine to go with it. not that terrible. all right. thank you. see you soon. remember the band def leopard? we will tell you how they sort of met the real thing. leon: later the unconventional method for local track team looking to make a big
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>> dozens of vol tooners are coming together to get their hands dirty to build play sets for children fighting cancer. we will show you one of those coming up in a big reveal ahead. alison: looking forward to that. also, don't miss it. this is a big night. season finale of "scandal" as part of the t.g.i.t. line-up. it starts at 8:00 --
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alison: capturing the perfect picture of a look of joy on a child's face can be tough. today families of five kids had a good chance. you will see the kids are fighting cancer. >> dozens of vol tooners got their -- volunteers got the hands dirty and went to work to build a play set for a little girl they don't know. >> it's incredible. >> this is a olivia. she was diagnosed with leukemia a year ago. >> we are tied to the opt and the clinic. inside more. isolated more. there are times
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go spend time with friends except outdoors. >> with the help of the rock solid foundation she has her own play set in her backyard. >> they just brought a little smile to a family that could use a pick me up. >> the volunteers kept busy, olivia and her family got the v.i.p. treatment riding around in a limo while they went to eat and had some fun. >> what we are doing today is bringing the power of play to the family and allowing them to be a normal family for a few minutes. >> since 2009 the rock solid foundation helped complete 200 projects for children fighting cancer. whether it means building a swing set or remodeling the bedrooms for older children. >> what does to livia think of it all -- olivia think of it all? >> it's too exciting to say anything. >> we are at the point we are not through the woods but we can see the light to the end. >> who still has a year of treatment to go. >> to have a place to congregate at our own house so lucasca
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with olivia if she needs to be inside. a great deal. >> in centreville, diane cho, abc7 news. alison: isn't that wonderful? that is like a "harris' hero" right there. >> it is. she stole it from me. way to go rock solid. wonderful. this should be a good year for that family. alison: yep. let's hope. leon: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- replacing toxic turf. a step that a city is taking to try to keep kids safe. alison: first, the smithsonian now an auction house. george zimmerman's plan that no one seems to want anything to do with. >> the second baltimore police officer trial is underway. day one in court features a video that draws gasps from
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alison: the second of six officers on trial for freddie gray's death went on trial today. edward nero made the original arrest of gray. brad bell was inside the courtroom in baltimore for trial.
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in the arrest of freddie gray, officer edward nero is one of the bicycle officers in the yellow shirt. he is at the back of the police van. he puts gray in leg shackles and lifts his feet in the van as gray is placed in a facedown position. in opening arguments prosecutors claiming nero didn't care about departmental policy requiring seat belt use for prisoners. and is guilty of reckless endangerment. and as attorney and trial-watcher explains committed an assault because officers checked gray's pocket. >> was the search of freddie gray after he was initially detained legal or not? >> nero's lawyer firing back that no crime was committed even if the police were under new orders to seat belt prisons. >> a violation of a police regulation does not amount to criminal offense. brad: the most dramatic moment in court. video of a police reenactment of gray's time in police van with the police cadet playing the rol
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move around the van despite being in cuffs and shackles. it is believed that gray was fatally injured as he tumbled in the van and snapped his neck. naacp president tessa hill-austin gasping in court as the video played. >> the cadet is 120% good health and can do anything. preddy could not. it's not a fair comparison. >> now this evening the scene outside the courthouse all quiet. this morning i saw three protesters holding justice for freddie gray signs tonight. the crowd control fences are here but they are not set up. tomorrow, the trial continues. one of the things people are waiting to see is whether or not two of the fellow officers who have been ordered to testify will be called and be put on the stand to testify on behalf of the prosecution. in baltimore, brad bell, abc7
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meanwhile the gun george zimmerman used to kill trayvon martin is back up for auction. zimmerman put the pistol up for auction this morning. less than an hour after bidding began it was pulled from the auction site. but in the last two hours the "orlando sentinel" reports a second auction site posted the gun. the weapon used, of course, in the fatal shooting of unarmed florida teen trayvon martin in 2012. in the description of the weapon zimmerman says the smithsonian expressed interest in the weapon. however, the museum said in a statement that it had never had interest or plans to display it. as of 5:06 p.m., no one had bid on the gun. leon: a crime alert now from northern virginia, where f.b.i. is looking for a serial bank robber. this one has a flare for wearing hat. different one for each crime. jeff goldberg reports authorities are now offering a $5,000 reward to help scratch a
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fans a bad name. >> in the case of the man dubbed "the ball cap bandit," looks can be deceiving. >> it doesn't look like he is a robber. >> he has concealed his face with a ball cap of the different team. oakland raiders brooklyn nets, colorado rockies. robert made a deposit yesterday afternoon at the wells fargo on west broad street in falls church. >> ten minutes earlier i was there. >> right before the bandit struck again. two weeks ago it was the wells fargo on fern street in alexandria. and nearly two weeks before that it was sun trust on mount vernon avenue in alexandria. each time the bandit approaches the teller, hands over a note demanding money. no weapon shown. given cash and walks out. after each of the crimes the suspect took off on foot. but investigators are not ruling out the possibility that he had a get-away driver. because each of the locations is close to a
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like here in falls church. where 66 is right up the road. >> he can get in, get out. >> rick was surprised to hear the story. >> it's bizarre. >> more surprised to find out that the two wells fargo he uses were hit. >> i'm shocked. >> bank customers have sympathy for the employees they have come to know well. >> i do. they are nice people working in there. >> but are confident the bandit will come to know justice even better. >> they will get him. they will get him. no doubt. jeff: jeff goldberg. >> i know they will. you know, like you said. jeff: abc7 news. alison: well, tonight the "7 on your side" i-team has learned that police officers at one of the areas largest department are getting a break when it comes to pay the speed camera ticket. "7 on your side" investigator chris papst spent month digging into this story and he joins us now. chris, the story bound to get'm -- bound to get people
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chris: this started with a tip from a viewer after the speed camera on connecticut avenue in chevy chase caught a police officer speeding. that officer was in his squad car but not on an emergency call. that fine was never paid. the man who tipped us off found out why. that is what got him talking. >> you don't have an argument other than what they were working on the duty and police cruisers. >> that is the courtroom discussion that got lewis' attention. earlier in year, the montgomery county resident was a speed camera court. waiting to fight his ticket. when he watched the man get violation of four police officers dismissed. the officers were not in court. at the time of the ticket, they were not on a call. they were just speeding and didn't have to pay the fine. >> it's very rigged. it was very obvious that the system was circumvented.
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chris: after witnessing this he con about thed "7 on your side." his report of one instance prompted us to look for a pattern. we back year and checked every speed camera court hearing in montgomery county searching for police officers who got off. and we found plenty. meanwhile, he was not so lucky. he lost his appeal and paid the full fine. >> i think i'm being treated unfairly. it makes me not want to trust the system. chris: coming up tonight at 11:00 we will tell you how many police officers in montgomery county are not paying their speed camera violations and how many thousands of dollars in fines over the years have been waived. abc7, chris papst, abc7 news. alison: thank you. see you tonight. beginning next month you are going to pay more to park on the street in d.c. metered parking will jump now to $2.30 come june 1. that is a
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premium demand zones. $1.55 more in other areas. ddot says despite the increase street parking will remain cheaper than new york, philadelphia and other major cities. leon: is it supposed to make you feel better? it could be worse? okay. a bit of an interesting meeting for members of the band def leopard. the group went to visit students at the arkansas school for the deaf. they were there yesterday. you might be wondering. the school's mascot, of course, the leopards. they are the deaf leopards. they took picture holding a replica of the school scoreboard and they went to visit after online petition gathered 1,500 signatures in support of the idea. alison: nice. funny. nice gesture on their pard. leon: it is. i'm sure the kids don't have any idea who they are. alison: they had to ask their parents. leon: exactly! alison: well, let's talk about music one more time
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home. tomorrow morning tune in to "good morning washington" for a live performance from maja. who i believe is from here. leon: she is. alison: that is right. she is coming home for a little performance on g.m.w. leon: all right. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- taking the high road. why they have an unusual interpretation of the relay race when we come back. alison: later, the new trouble in brazil that could put a crimp in the country olympic plans. leon: coming up, new at 6:00, the sailor killed in the attack changed world history is heading home. what it took to put a name with the remains of maryland sailor killed on the day
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steve: i'm steve rudin. 28 embassies will open their doors for an open house on wednesday, british embassy from 10:00 to 4:0
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the middle 70's by late day, though. a cold front will move through. and bringing us a better chance for storms. once the cold front moves by it will be cooler and drier and beautiful on sunday. just in time for the taste of arlington. high temperatures in the middle 60's. hope you have a chance to get out an
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"7 on your side" tonight. phone bank to let you ask the attorney. the team we gathered in the help center can answer your questions on civil rights law, employment discrimination. immigrant refugee rights as well. call them at 703-236-9220. until 6:30. leon: local high school track team won a relay race despite using a really unusual baton. it was caught on camera. take a look at it here. see that. the fairfax high school girls track team spiced it up for senior night. they went on a race and they used a high jump bar in the 4 x 100 relay instead of using traditional baton. it didn't slow them down. they won the race. alison: that could have been dangerous. leon: it could have been. alison: if you got close to the other runners. >> that could have turned into an impromptu pole vault. that wouldn't have gone -- wouldn't have been good. >> whatever works. leon: a
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leon: for months the "7 on your side" i-team brought you stories
5:46 pm
of crumb rubber. we talk about the pieces of recycled tires that the sports field use. spread out on the field today. tonight a u.s. city thinks it has found a safer solution. michelle marsh is here to explain how it works. michelle: we have been talking a lot about this. seattle is planning to take the crumb rubber off a field in combination of a combination of cork and sand. it costs 20-30% more but it could have impact on health. we told you back in february, the federal government is launching a joint study with the environmental protection agency centers for disease control and prevention and consumer product safety commission into crumb rubber fields. this state of california is undertaking the own study to find out exactly what crumb rubber is made of and whether it can take a toll on athletes' health. >> i think we have just been listening to the community. and we just want to know that there are alternatives out
5:47 pm
michelle: seattle hopes to have the field in the pilot program replaced by the end of july. back at home, gaithersburg is experimenting with a field using rice husks, coconut fibers and the cork at lakeland park. michelle marsh, abc7 news. alison? alison: okay. thank you very much. go ahead and check on the roadways with jamie sullivan. jamie: of course, we are seeing the slowing. the nice thing about today we don't have the wet roads like we have had to deal with for the past couple of weeks. 28 minutes it will take you on the inner loo from tysons continuing to the american legion bridge. on 66, traffic heading outbound at 18 miles per hour. just before you reach route 50. a live look. you can see of course inbounds clear. no problem. volume as you do head outbound. 395, stop-and-go to seminary road. slowing on the outer loop. getting to the wilson bridge. see how clear it is. as soon as you get to the wilson bridge. as you continue to branch
5:48 pm
the slow patch past joint base andrews. you can see near pennsylvania avenue. really just in bumper to bumper traffic. again, there are no accidents to report right now. just a lot of this afternoon volume. like i said, though, it's nice we don't have to deal with the rain. back to you. leon: for once. thanks. look ahead to see what is coming up tonight at 6:00 -- we'll hear from metro new chief safety officer as we learn a 16-day long shut down of track may come sooner than we thought. plus the technology to allow police to generate a police sketch without a description from the victim. american sailor killed at pearl harbor finally coming home. new at 6:00. alison: also coming up tonight at 11:00 -- >> i'm horace holmes. coming up at 11:00, great concerts, plays sporting events coming to the d.c. area. but buying tickets online can be frustrating. sometimes unfruitful. we will unlock the four secret tips of ticket master to
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line and into your seats. that is tonight at 11:00. leon: all right. thank you. someone we knows knows the secret to longevity in the business. after a half century on the air, "60 minutes," morle safer is retiring. he has filed 1900 reports since 1970. they will honor his work with an hour long special after sunday's broadcast. wish him well. alison: won't be the safe without him. leon: a legend. alison: talk about the weather. the fact it is not really raining today. leon: how about that? alison: unusual. doug: just cloudy. damp. the temperatures on the cool side. we are still looking to see if maybe we get a brief shower to continue the record before midnight tonight but equal chance it won't happen at all. good news is sunshine. warmer temperatures. wait a couple of days. start with this. we will give you a live look on the beach in ocean city, maryland, from
5:50 pm
around here, the cloudy skies across metro. a bit milder north and west. sun is breaking through in frederick. 72. 71 in hagerstown. 64 in fredericksburg. 652 at andrews -- 65 at andrews. showers are coming across the eastern panhandle, west virginia, across winchester area. diminishing closer to the metro. what they do crossing the blue ridge an run head long to the chilly, damp wedge of cold air and damp air in place for search days. they just dissipate. we will see what happens later tonight. cloudy skies through the night. there will be a better chance of showers developing after midnight and the early morning hours as the wind direction veers southeast and south. getting through tomorrow, we will look for the point of showers and the thunderstorms. probably late morning through the midday with a cold front coming through. clearing skies in the afternoon. breezy. lower 70's.
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then into saturday repeat. sunny lower 60's for the highs. we will go back tuesday and wednesday but a chance of daily afternoon showers. that is the latest. alison: okay. thank you. robert: a long list of accomplishments for the next young lady. conference player of the year. but if she didn't receive the honors she would be fine. alexis, a junior lacrosse stand-out at catholic university. something else
5:52 pm
outstanding. she is spreading game of lacrosse throughout the globe. >> i have never done it before. >> in recent years she has selectedded to train an mentor the italian national team. experience she says is second to none. >> i appreciated being able to talk to the girls who didn't really know much about lacrosse but wanted to learn and be more like us. there were girls on the team they looked up to. people we look up to in the united states. >> the best part about is it not the free trip to italy. >> we send them the workout and they appreciate it. they love it so much. they are not really -- they don't have entire intensity training like we do in the fall. so when they see stuff like that, t
5:53 pm
so willing to do it. then you see improvement. that is the best part to me. robert: awesome. d.c. united on a soggy practice field. hosting the red bulls tomorrow. that kicks off at 7:00. if you are heading out be sure to come by the abc7 d.c. united tailgate at r.f.k. at 4:30. we will have if prize wheel where everyone is a winner. extra bonus. it is "star wars" night at the game. so you never know what you will see. it should be a lot of fun for darth vader darth out there. leon: no free trip to italy on the wheel? robert: none of that. leon: wow could see me there. spinning my behind off to try to get that. robert: break the wheel! leon: i know. alison: thank you. still to come -- the venue seem to be on schedule. which is rare. less than three months before the olympics. leon: when we come back find out about the other obstacles that could pu ♪
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leon: "7 on your side" with legal question about the civil rights law. immigrant and refugee right. equal opportunity employment as well. you can call in and ask an attorney in the help center for help by calling 703-236-9220. the phone lines are open for another half an hour. alison: with less than three months until the rio olympic games brazil seems to be in a state of chaos. the country's president was impeached, the zika virus continues to be spread throughout the land, and now as brandi hitt reports a new health report suggesting postponing the games. brandi: brazil in turmoil. they are moving forward with an impeachment trial against the president who admits an accounting scandal. >> it comes as the country
5:58 pm
zika virus. disease primarily spread by mosquitoes that can cause severe birth defects. including babies born with abnormally small heads. 48 pregnant women in the u.s. have now tested positive for zika. all cases are linked to travel outside the u.s., the health officials are sounding the alarm. >> it's an emergency. it's the first mosquito borne virus spread sexually. >> they are suggesting that the olympics be most poned or moved because rio is in the heart of the outbreak of the dangerous zika strain. increased tourism will spread the virus. >> the last thing you want in an outbreak is a lot of people coming in. i don't think the games will be moved or postponed by the focus should be making sure the pregnant women don't go. brandi: the olympic committee said they are confident they
5:59 pm
they are looking forward to working with the new government to deliver successful games in rio. with the zika outbreak the world health organization says all olympic travelers should wear insect repellent and suggesting they wear condoms or abstain having sex in rios and four weeks after they leave. alison: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". right now at 6:00 -- changes coming to metro major safety overall plan. where the service could be interrupted for two weeks. sooner than expected. plus, the death investigation underway at an area mayor's home. new at 6:00, putting a face on a cold case. >> we cam it a genetic eyewitness. alison: the new technology helping generate suspect description without any witnesses. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on
6:00 pm
maureen: barely a week after metro released its extensive repair plan called "safe track," plan is getting a major revision. leon: that could move up the plan to shut down the section of rail for two weeks. abc7 transportation reporter brianne carter is covering metro for us. you spoke at length today with metro g.m. and the new safety officer. how did they explain it to you? brianne: well, they both had to say that the f.t.a. and metro are on the same page when it comes to the goal. but they had different ways to get there. now tonight, metro telling us they are working on revising the big maintenance overhaul for metro. tonight a possible shift in timeline for weeks-long metro station shutdowns for a maintenance overhaul. wednesday the f.t.a. pointed to portion of the rail system. they say can't wait. demanding metro make immediate repairs. >> the three sections include


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